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About My Art


September 2021

18" x 24"

I started painting in 1990, first using oil paint on canvas and then using acrylics. As my work evolved, I began to abstract from the world around me and over time, I reduced the level of figurative elements until they were almost completely eliminated.  Then for over 10 years, I focused on making reverse paintings on Plexiglas.  While I liked the intensity of the color using this technique, I became a little frustrated with my limited ability to make changes as a piece progressed.


In 2007 I read that Willem de Kooning used newspapers to keep his paintings wet as he worked on them and the transferred paint created interesting images, some of which were included in an exhibition in 1965.   As an experiment, I placed some paper on a painting I was working on several times as I continued to paint.  Although each application of the paper was similar to a monotype, the end result had several layers which interacted with each other. 

I continue to experiment with new methods of applying and removing paint to create varied effects working mainly on watercolor paper, often on a contrasting ground. Color remains an important element in my work with the paint applied in a sequence of transfers as well as using sponges, stencils, paper towels, palette knives, and occasionally even brushes.  I never quite know what will be the result of each impression, but mostly I am pleasantly surprised by the result.  I enjoy the improvisational nature of the process as well as reacting to each stage until the piece seems completed.

Some pieces do not have titles, so I have assigned a number to each one.  


Also please look at my collages, which are mainly made from pieces of older, unsuccessful paintings.

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